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FARDEC envisions a sovereign and democratic society wherein people from all sectors have equal opportunity to determine their own destiny and are united in pursuing authentic and sustainable development.


It is committed to complement and strengthen the collective efforts of the peasantry in Central Visayas, to enhance their cpacity to work together, and enjoin all sectors in society to support their struggle in liberating themselves from agrarian bondage and poverty.



1. Enhanced capability of peasants to collectively address local problems, protect their rights, uplift their socio-economic well-being and sustain their political gains;

2. Strong and active involvement of women and youth in the over-all peasant endeavor and in organizational leadership and development;

3. Broadened and responsive support of the middle sector to the issues and initiatives of the peasant organizations in the region.





Farmers Development Center (FARDEC) - Central Visayas

Eastern Visayas Rural Assistance Program (EVRAP)

formerly SRAP – Samar Rural Assistance Program


EVRAP envisions an Eastern Visayas region  where the people and their communities are food secure  and are able to decide for themselves on issues that affect them as they actively and meaningfully participate in the process of realizing a truly just and humane Philippine society.     


It aims to empower the poor and marginalized sectors in the region for them  to collectively build rural communities able to sustain initiatives towards a better quality of life.

Organic Farming Field Experimental and Resource Station -Panay (OFFERS- Panay)

To popularize and propagate ecological farming to help achieve rural food sufficiency, increase agricultural productivity and strengthen people’s organizations to empower the rural poor. OFFERS-Panay programs aim to:


• Increase agricultural productivity to achieve rural food sufficiency and generate surplus that shall be equitably distributed to the community;

• Heighten awareness and facilitate adoption of sustainable and appropriate farming technology;

• Lessen ecological destruction in the countryside; and

• Contribute to the strengthening of farmers’ organizations to enable them to maximize access to and better manage productive resources.

Negros Rurban Assessment Programme for Socio-economic Development (NRAPSED)

NRAPSED envisions an empowered rural communities in Negros with enhanced capabilities on local resource governance towards food security and self-sufficiency. And an active agent for a pro people, gender just and environmentally focused development.


It is an agency that works hand in hand with the organized peasants organization, people’s organization (PO’s) and their communities in improving the quality of their lives and that of the environment. 


Its resources, organizational capabilities and efforts and our defined programs will focused on Sustainable Agriculture and Technology Development to achieve the following end result:


Developed functional sectoral organizations, PO’s and rural communities that are capable of implementing, sustaining and diversifying on-farm production and off-farm livelihood generating projects.

Women's Resource Center of Visayas (WRCV)


just and humane society where...
- The citizenry, men and women are free from all kinds of oppression whether these are borne of class, gender or membership in an ethnic group;
- Priority is given to the basic needs of grassroots women;
- Women and environment are not sacrificed for the development that is only for the few;
- Where women are empowered to be active participants in determining the course of their development.


To provide support services to the advancement of organizing and education work among grassroots women through awareness-raising, capability-building, resource-building and popularization of grassroots women's concerns.

Paghida-et sa Kauswagan Development Group (PDG,Inc.)

A nonprofit organization formed in 1987, it provides support to the local initiatives of rural communities in Negros Occidental

Dagsaw Panay and Guimaras Indigenous People's Network (DAGSAW PGIPNET)

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