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For 10 years, the Philippine Network of Food Security Programmes (PNFSP) has been working tirelessly to advocate for food security issues and uphold the right to food of every Filipino through its various programs and services. The Sustainable Agriculture Community-Level Appropriate Technology (SACLAT) has helped ensure food sufficiency at the household level  facilitating the establishment of  communal farms, bio-intensive  backyard gardens in the rural areas and urban  vegetable gardening.  Community Level  Appropriate Technology innovations  were also replicated by the network members to bolster their food security projects, such as micro-irrigation, rainwater catchment jar, lorena stove,  small and medium scale - mechanical dryer,  mechanical grains  lifter.


Meanwhile, the Campaign, Advocacy, and Networking (CAN) desk serves as the network’s mouthpiece in bringing to the fore the different issues involving food security to the national and international arena. Fora on issues such as GMOs, quantitative restrictions on rice, climate change, agricultural research and development, indigenous rights, and sustainable agriculture were also organized and co-sponsored by PNFSP. Its reach in social media has spread to countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and across the various sectors of society, resulting to linkages and networking with more organizations, in the local as well as International level.


Hence,  the 10th year of PNFSP  is indeed a milestone.    And how best to celebrate   its  10th year anniversary but through   propagating   and reaching out to more advocates  to show to them and let them know of   the viability of   community initiatives   mentioned  above to address   hunger and food insecurity issues in the country.  The theme of this activity is  “Food for the Body, Food for the Mind, Food for the Soul”   which is an organic food fair   and festival of   best practices  on sustainable agriculture and  appropriate technology. The Fair will have  tents, for the Body, Tents   for the Mind, and Tents for the Soul. Each tent will have different activities specific for the theme.


The Tents for Food for the Body involves activities such as selling of organic products and organic foods  which the network members will  bring and showcase .    PNFSP will network with small businesses of organic food and products as well as reach out to all NGO’s in the National Capital region which are into   organic food promotion . Not only will they be able to profit in the fair, but they will also be part of PNFSP’s Food Security Advocates. PNFSP members are also encouraged to bring indigenous food from their region to showcase.


The Tents for Food for the Mind will have lectures on the benefits of organic agriculture on health and the environment, different sustainable agricultural practices and herbal medicines.    There will also be lecture on solid waste management.    Actual demonstrations s will also be held to make the teaching interactive with the participants.


The Tents for Food for the Soul will relive the  various traditional cultures and practices  such as cultural arts  through actual performance and  film shows as well as wellness practices  that includes yoga,   meditative exercises, fellowships and prayers.  The  PNFSP’s members focusing on indigenous people will spearhead this activity. This is to show the spirituality that has guided the   Filipinos   in preserving   nature,  human relationships   and health in their interaction with the environment,  with each other and with one self.   


The tri-media outfits will be invited to cover the event.


There will also be photo – exhibits on the issues that affect   food security concerns especially on  mining and massive land grabbing  in the different regions in the country.    Through this  concept of the celebration,   which will be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle  at the heart of the city where many people of all walks of life are   visiting and whiling away their times,  we can reach out to the broadest sectors   of society. 

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