Food is a basic human right

Photo Courtesy of Chad Booc of ALCADEV

The Philippine Network of Food Security Programmes (PNFSP) a network of food security advocates calls for the immediate action of the Duterte Administration in this absurd food blockade by the 75th Infantry Battalion in the town of Liangga, Surigao Del Sur.

About, 1,688 Lumad, 345 families in 15 communities had evacuated since November 26 due to intense militarization. This had been the second time the Lumad had evacuated their communities since President Duterte had declared Martial Law in Mindanao.

Support from the church, Non-government and civil society organizations, and other humanitarian groups had been arriving for the Lumad. However, this food aid are being refused entry to Simowao Community Learning Center where they had evacuated to avoid military operations.

Food is a basic human right. It is very important for the state to provide these basic social services as needed by its people. Or the least, allow food aid to enter for the Lumad. We, at PNFSP demands the Duterte Administration to address this food blockade, pull out their troops from the communities as they had been the mere reason the IPs had evacuated.

PNFSP is worried how the government sees to address this issues. It is clear that this attack will not benefit the Lumad but the big mining corporations eager to do business in their ancestral lands. Is this what they mean by “ensuring the economy serves everyone”? Is this how the administration addresses food insecurity in communities, by disallowing food aids for its people?###

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