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CCWPD'S Nutrimeal promotes Nutrition among Urban Poor

The Center for Community Work and People's Development, Inc. (CCWPD) launched on May 13, 2008 its Nutrimeal pack, a nutrition supplement made up of powdered rice, mungbeans, carrots, malunggay leaves, and sesame seeds.

The organization has been promoting and distributing 100-gram packs in different urban poor communities, as well as initiating technology transfer to urban poor organizations.

According to Lolit Solis, CCWPD project officer, seven grams or a tablespoon of the product is enough to meet a child's daily minimum nutrient requirements, providing 392.83 kcal of energy, 80.31 grams of carbohydrates, 12.16 grams of protein, and 2.68 grams of iron.

The powder may be added to most dishes without affecting taste.

CCWPD believes that with proper promotion, distribution and development, Nutrimeal can help lessen malnutrition and hunger in impoverished communities.

As yet, production is hampered by lack of funds. The organization uses only one machine, which can produce just enough to supply a few communities. It is seeking the support of government, church, and non-government agencies in producing, promoting, and distributing the fortified supplement.


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