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Distributing Relief Packs in Isabela

PNFSP's food security work in project areas in the two sitios was interrupted due to typhoon Juan, which damaged the livelihood of the residents. People are now focused on looking for food, since the typhoon sent them back to square one.

“Food items were prioritized in the relief pack as food was immediately needed while community members worked to rebuild their homes.” said SACLAT assistant Bruce Dig.

The relief pack also contained soup, bihon noodles, sugar, sardines and bar soap.

Community members welcomed the relief packs, saying that Christmas had come early. They added that the additional food was a boost to their food supply. The contents of the relief pack would also enable them to devote more time to rebuilding their homes and replanting their crops.

Community members said that they still need help in rehabilitating their crops. Their rice, corn and vegetable seedlings were devastated by strong winds, flooding and landslides caused by the typhoon.

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